“One of the best documentaries of this or any year.”

Kenneth TuranLos Angeles Times

“If there’s one movie that ought to be studied by military and civilian leaders around the world at this treacherous historical moment, it is The Fog of War.”

Stephen HoldenThe New York Times CRITICS PICK!

“Director Deborah Scranton, co-producer and editor Steve James and co-producer Robert May managed to assemble the immense footage into a taut, often searing 97 minutes.”

Philip WuntchDallas Morning News

“The film is one of the most urgent and immediate nonfiction works we may ever see.”

Terry LawsonDetroit Free Press

“A powerfully distressing film.”

Owen GleibermanEntertainment Weekly

“The unnerving documentary is all the more necessary, and all the more shocking, in its immediacy.”

David AnsenNewsweek

“Arguably the most vital and eye-opening documentary yet made regarding the United States’ current military entanglement.”

Mark OlsenLos Angeles Times

“A moving, complicated movie that illuminates with heartbreaking clarity some of the human actuality of this long, confusing war.”

A.O. ScottThe New York Times CRITICS PICK!

“…three of the nation’s best actresses in leading roles…It [Bonneville] succeeds because of an inherent authenticity of characterization and, of course, three astounding women.”

David WeigandSan Francisco Chronicle

“…a challenge and a rebuke to our supposedly youth-obsessed age.”

Andrew SarrisObserver