On any given day, there are 70,000 children locked up¹ in facilities around the United States. Separated from their families and communities and removed from their schools, these children are subject to depression, trauma and severe collateral consequences that permanently alter direction of their lives.

The good news is that organizations around the country are working state-by-state to improve the system. And there are lots of tools to help communities understand how to keep kids from becoming involved in the system, how the system works, and how to navigate it.

Get Involved

Check out these resources to learn more about the juvenile justice system in your state, and what you can do.
Get state-by-state juvenile justice stats and resources using our interactive map.
Follow our interactive case flow through the juvenile justice system.
Learn how you can make a difference.
Bring Kids For Cash to your community.
Use the short video based on the film to advance reform.
View and download notes, summaries, photos and videos related to the movie.

If you’ve already seen Kids for Cash, download our free discussion guide to learn more and keep the conversation going.

1 National Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Coalition