Bring the film to your school, university or community!

Broaden discussion and understanding of Zero Tolerance, School Discipline, Racial Disparity, Justice & Ethics and more.

Take advantage of teachable moments – Political Science, Constitutional Rights, Media, Citizenship/Community Responsibility, the American Justice System, Election of Judges & Anti-Bullying.

Use the film as a fund-raiser – Take advantage of the entertainment value of the film, while delivering a powerful commentary about justice.

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Bring Kids For Cash the movie to your school, university, community or organization. Group screenings are occurring nearly every day all around U.S. and have proven to inspire spirited discussion and collaboration leading to change.
By providing additional background and context on Luzerne County’s “kids-for-cash” scandal itself, this guide can be used to spark meaningful discussions and action around the need for a juvenile justice system that puts a high priority on the best interests of youth and families.
This guide will help you plan a community event using the film Kids for Cash to spark dialogue and action about the need for a juvenile justice system that works in the best interest of youth and families.
Get state-by-state juvenile justice stats and resources using our interactive map.
Follow our interactive case flow through the juvenile justice system.
Learn how you can make a difference.
Use the short video based on the film to advance reform.
Help broaden awareness while contributing to those who are making a difference.