“I Wanted Them To Be Scared Out Of Their Minds.”

Judge Mark A. Ciavarella

KIDS FOR CASH is a riveting, non-fiction thriller about a judicial scandal that shocked America when it catapulted to the headlines in January of 2009. Set in the mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania, the film is an absorbing account of the serpentine events leading up to the scandal, as well as a richly detailed chronicle of the often-incredible revelations unearthed by the criminal investigation and extensive media coverage. Blending greed, corruption, betrayal of trust, abuse of power, and wrongful imprisonment in a manner almost novelistic in its twists and turns, it is one of those true stories that is, as the saying goes, “stranger than fiction.” But, what leaves an indelible impression on those who are initially attracted to the tale’s more sensational aspects is the fact that the victims of the corruption in question—all 3,000 of those who were betrayed, abused, and wronged—were children.

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“I expected to find a clear villain and a clear victim, but I found neither.”

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Official Kids For Cash Movie Poster
Sandy Fonzo confronts Mark Ciavarella outside Federal Courthouse – Kids For Cash Movie
Fake MySpace Page – Kids For Cash Movie
Hillary Transue – Vacation Picture – Kids For Cash Movie
TradeMarked Image – Kids For Cash Movie
Old Luzerne County Juvenile Detention Center – Kids For Cash Movie
Protestor outside the Federal Courthouse during Ciavarella’s trial – Kids For Cash Movie
Boy facing judge – Kids For Cash Movie
Outside looking In – Luzerne County PA Courtroom – Kids For Cash Movie
Inside the Courtroom – Luzerne County PA Courthouse – Kids For Cash Movie
Headlines – “Cashing In” – Kids For Cash Movie
Gavel – Luzerne County PA Courtroom – Kids For Cash Movie
Judge Ciavarella’s Chamber – Kids For Cash Movie
Girl in School Hallway – Kids For Cash Movie
Boy in School Hallway – Kids For Cash Movie
Mural – Luzerne County Courtroom – Kids For Cash Movie
Charlie – Juvenile File – Kids For Cash Movie
Order To Detain – Kids For Cash Movie
Robert May – Kids For Cash Director/Producer
Robert May – Kids for Cash Director/Producer

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