The Feature Presentation: Like the 1949 Columbia Pictures release of Lust for Gold, this present-day true story is about obsession, greed, and the hunt for gold.

Boyhood dreams of treasure lead to a lifelong search when a retired missile scientist makes a monumental discovery and tempts fate for fortune as he hatches a secret plan to prove his claim.  With his estranged son at his side, he secures an entertainment / personal injury lawyer who assembles a team – a retired blackjack dealer, a veterinary assistant, and a dog. The plan?  To covertly remove gold bullion from within the most restricted area of Federal land deep within Superstition Mountain, Arizona.

But the one risk greater than facing the unforgiving terrain and Federal prosecution is time.

The Feature Presentation is preceded by a Featurette, The Tomb, which follows the same team in their efforts to unearth a Jesuit Tomb said to contain millions of dollars of gold bars, jewels, coins and paintings.

Lust for Gold: A Race Against Time

10 days. 31,000 gold bars.



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“Lust for Gold is a fascinating adventure documentary.”

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“…beautifully shot…showing gorgeous vistas around the Superstition Mountains…”

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“…the exploratory drive that lives within mankind.”


Robert Kesselring

Retired missile scientist Robert Kesselring’s search for treasure began when his aunt gave him Barry Storm’s Thunder Gods Gold. It was a book that comforted him throughout his life, would help him weather his time in Vietnam, and would become a foundation for his research.

After serving in Vietnam, Kesselring graduated from SMU with a master’s degree in electrical engineering and a math minor. He worked for Honeywell, Digital Equipment Company, Raytheon and within NASA’s Redstone Arsenal.

Throughout his career and into retirement, Kesselring maintained his interest in the Superstition Mountains and spent years doing research on the area, which culminated in a new discovery. Seven years later, he assembled a team in an attempt to prove it.

Bill Blackwell

Bill Blackwell grew up in the desert of Palm Springs. He graduated from the University of Colorado and Western State University, College of Law. Blackwell spent the majority of his legal career practicing entertainment law in Los Angeles and moved to Nevada near Lake Tahoe.

Blackwell learned about the Superstition Mountains and the Legend of the Lost Dutchman from his father, who used to take him treasure hunting there when he was a kid. When he came across an article Kesselring published online about his discovery, calling for a pro-bono lawyer, he contacted him immediately and jumped onboard.

James Sybesma

James Sybesma was born and raised in Michigan but later moved to Lake Tahoe where he started his career as a blackjack dealer at a local casino. When Bill Blackwell moved to Lake Tahoe, he settled right next to Sybesma. As neighbors, they shared their love of adventure and treasure hunting. Upon retirement, Sybesma joined forces with Blackwell in search of gold, and when Blackwell offered him the opportunity to join Kesselring’s team, Sybesma didn’t hesitate.

Jason Kesselring

Jason Kesselring was 39 two years prior to filming, when he received his GED – a proud moment, especially given that his mother was a schoolteacher and his father a missile scientist. Jason had been estranged from his father, Robert Kesselring, for 32 years, and is eager to make up for lost time. When Kesselring offered to introduce Jason to his research and pass down his legacy, Jason eagerly accepted. He saw the expedition as an opportunity to reconnect with his father, and was looking forward to supporting him in whatever way he could.

David Smith

David Smith comes from a long line of “rock-hounds” and spent years combing the desert surrounding Palm Springs for geological treasures with his family. He became friends with Bill Blackwell during high school, and the two have since kept in touch. Smith’s had a varied career including work as a veterinary assistant, rancher, and electrical contractor, and spent a number of years as a gold miner. Smith and his dog Gordy spend most of their time outdoors, and upon joining Kesselring’s team, were eager to see Superstition Mountain.

Part Rottweiler, part Labrador, Gordy was rescued by David Smith from mistreatment in an environment where he was kept outside – rain or shine.  Smith would often drive by Gordy’s home, witnessing firsthand his neglect and abuse.  He eventually befriended Gordy (and his owners) and convinced them to turn Gordy over to him to serve as Gordy’s trusted and valued guardian.  Gordy is eight years old and has spent the last six years as David’s constant companion.


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Lust for Gold, at its core, is about outdoor adventure and the thrill of the hunt. The Lust For Gold Treasure Hunt brought that excitement to participants across America for an event full of creativity and exploration. And just like in the movie, technology met the hunt for treasure—but without the unforgiving terrain.

The results are in, and we want to congratulate our Lust For Gold Treasure Hunt winner, Jennifer MacNeil from Spearfish, South Dakota – her treasure hunting savvy, creativity, and dedication have earned her $400 of backpacking gear!


Meet LFG Treasure Hunt Winner Jennifer MacNeil!

Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

“Nearly a year ago my husband and I decided to sell most of our belongings and embark on an epic (possibly never-ending) roadtrip.  We sold our home and bought an RV.  We established residency in South Dakota and once Fall arrived we started heading to the Southwest.  We have been exploring the Southwest ever since and love this area of the country.  I took a job for the summer in Escalante, Utah so we have been here since May.  The landscape is spectacular.  We are both photographers and started a YouTube channel as well about our journey and adventures.  We are MacNeils on Wheels.  I also write a weekly blog which we post on our website.  I really love learning and will never stop doing so as we travel, meet new people, learn about history and different cultures.  Prior to doing this I worked for most of my adult life at a non-profit agency providing mental health and housing services for adults with disabilities. I was a clinical supervisor there and loved my work and the people I worked with.  It was tough to leave it behind, but I’ve found other ways to have a positive impact on those around me since we’ve hit the road and I am so happy to have the freedom to go where I want and have full control of so much of my time.  I love to read, write, take photos, cook for people, make new friends, explore new places, cross stitch, puzzle, and build miniatures.”

Why did you enter the Lust For Gold Treasure Hunt?

“I love puzzles and challenges.  I was in Arizona for the winter when I first heard about it and had been considering buying a metal detector and doing some treasure hunting of my own so this seemed like a great activity to help me get into it.”

Any plans for your new backpacking equipment?

“We are here in Utah until November I think and there’s so much to see and explore here though most of the coolest stuff is in very remote wilderness which is tough to get to.  There are lots of slot canyons we would like to explore as well as the Jacob Hamlin arch in Coyote Gulch and the Cosmic Ashtray.  Having the right gear will help us to make these treks safely and also enable us to overnight camp so we can capture the Milky Way at these locations as we have some specialty photographing night sky.”

What was the first thing that went through your mind when you found out you’d won?

“I was happy and excited.  I did work diligently to complete as many of the challenges as I could and I think that there was only one that I did not complete.”


Congratulations to the Lust For Gold Sweepstakes grand-prize winner, Alton Rau from Augusta, Georgia! He and a guest will set out on a four-day/three-night guided backpacking expedition through Superstition Mountain, Arizona to visit locations featured in the film, Lust for Gold: A Race Against Time.  The trip includes meals, backpacking and camping equipment, lodging (before and after the expedition), passes to Goldfield Ghost Town and Superstition Mountain Museum, plus an $800 airfare/travel stipend.


Meet Lust For Gold Sweepstakes Winner Alton Rau!

Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

“…I was born in Massachusetts and moved to Augusta, GA when I was 6. I worked the largest printer in the world called World Color. I was a machine operator and then supervisor until 2004. … I love boating, fishing, and hunting. I love American history and adventures.”

Why did you enter the Lust For Gold Sweepstakes?

“I’ve always been interested in the Lost Dutchman’s goldmine!”

How excited are you for your four-day trip into Superstition Mountain?

“Ecstatic! Just what I needed: an adventure.”

Do you know who you’ll be bringing with you?

“My mother, Loretta Rau.”

What was the first thing that went through your mind when you found out you’d won?

“I couldn’t believe it!!! Here we come, Superstition Mountain.”


The sweepstakes sponsor partners are Goldfield Ghost Town, Superstition Mountain Museum and The Dons of ArizonaREI Co-op Adventures is the outfitter and guide for the expedition.