Bonneville Carousel

Jessica Lange, Joan Allen and Kathy Bates hit the road in Bonneville, a story about three friends who “come of age” for a second time on a trip across the great American West.  Faced with the decision of a lifetime, Arvilla Holden (Lange) loads up her 1966 Bonneville convertible and, with her friends (Allen, Bates) in tow, sets out from Pocatello, Idaho en route to Santa Barbara.

As they detour to spots like Bryce Canyon and Las Vegas, it doesn’t take long for the women to realize Arvilla has something unexpected in store.  But what none of them realize is that what began as a simple trip will end up becoming a chance to rediscover themselves, their friendship, the importance of promises – and of letting go.  Also starring Tom Skerritt and Christine Baranski, Bonneville unites three of the most acclaimed actresses of our time in a story that celebrates fun, adventure and living life to the fullest.


Five days. 1,000 miles. Three best friends.



David Weigand
San Francisco Chronicle

“…three of the nation’s best actresses in leading roles…It [Bonneville] succeeds because of an inherent authenticity of characterization and, of course, three astounding women.”

Andrew Sarris

“…a challenge and a rebuke to our supposedly youth-obsessed age.”

Roger Moore
Orlando Sentinel

“The actors make us happy to be along for the ride.”

Matt Zoller Seltz
The New York Times

“The movie’s no-fuss treatment of religion is as deft as it is unexpected.”

Kevin Thomas
Los Angeles Times

“…its notable cast is a pleasure to behold.”


Arvilla Holden

Contains Spoilers: Arvilla Holden (Jessica Lange) and her husband Joe traveled the world during their twenty years of marriage—right up until Joe dies in the middle of their trip to Borneo. Heartbroken, Arvilla prepares to carry out his final wishes and scatter his ashes. But when she’s unable to locate Joe’s updated will, her stepdaughter Francine (Christine Baranski), with whom Arvilla has a contentious relationship, delivers an ultimatum: return Joe’s ashes to the family in Santa Barbara, or she’ll sell Arvilla and Joe’s house.

Margene Cunningham

Contains Spoilers: One of Arvilla’s closest friends, and a fellow widow, Margene Cunningham (Kathy Bates) is spirited, supportive, and currently single. Like their friend Carol Brimm (Joan Allen), she’s a Mormon—but, as Margene says, “the fun kind.” Before Joe’s death, Margene had been planning to take a long-awaited cruise in hopes of finding a man, but she drops everything to provide some much-needed moral support and join Arvilla on her journey west with Joe’s ashes.

Carol Brimm

Contains Spoilers: Carol Brimm (Joan Allen), another of Arvilla’s closest friends, is the epitome of a good Mormon—she’s devout, proper, and maybe a little too uptight. Though she doesn’t entirely agree with Arvilla and Margene’s idea to turn the delivery of Joe’s ashes into a trip, she joins them anyway; her desire to support Arvilla outweighs her personal opinions on the matter, even if it does mean leaving her husband and kids alone for an entire week.