Peter Dinklage (as Finbar McBride) is a man trying to live life on his own terms. Looking only to be left alone, he takes up residence in a rural town’s old train depot. But much like the station agents that occupied small town depots before him, he finds himself reluctantly becoming enmeshed in the lives of his neighbors, especially Patricia Clarkson (as Olivia Harris), a forty-year-old artist struggling with the break up of her marriage and the loss of her son, and Bobby Cannavale (as Joe Oramas) a thirty-year-old with a talent for cooking and an insatiable hunger for conversation – whether anyone wants to talk to him or not.

The Station Agent is about three people with nothing in common, except their shared solitude, until chance circumstances bring their lives together. Before long, from this forgotten depot, this mismatched threesome forges an unlikely bond, which ultimately reveals that even isolation is better shared.

The Station Agent

An abandoned train station. Three improbable friends.


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Antonia Quirke
London Evening Standard

“Dinklage is a star, for sure, but the film is hypnotic because of its unusually certain and constantly delicate tone.”

Ruth Stein
San Francisco Chronicle

“As touching and original a movie as you’re likely to see this year.”

Ann Hornaday
Washington Post

“The best advice to filmgoers who appreciate smart, mature, humanist movies is, simply, Go.”

Kenneth Turan
Los Angeles Times

“Deft and funny.”

Elvis Mitchell
The New York Times

“A delicate, thoughtful and often hilarious take on loneliness.”


Finbar McBride

Contains Spoilers: Finbar McBride (Peter Dinklage) is a quiet, reclusive man with a love of trains and a wariness of society. He worked in his friend Henry Styles’ (Paul Benjamin) model train shop in Hoboken, New Jersey, but when Henry passes away, the shop closes down, leaving Fin friendless and unemployed. Upon discovering that Henry’s will left him an old train depot in rural New Jersey, he relocates, hoping for a life of solitude. But despite his efforts, he soon becomes reluctantly entangled in the lives of his neighbors.

Olivia Harris

Contains Spoilers: Olivia Harris (Patricia Clarkson), one of Fin’s new neighbors, is an artist struggling to cope with the death of her son and recent separation from her husband David (John Slattery). In the wake of her life’s upheaval, she moved from the city to the countryside, hoping, like Fin, to find privacy and isolation while she tried to recover. Though her relationship with Fin starts off rocky—she nearly runs him over twice—she soon strikes up a tentative friendship with him and Joe Oramas (Bobby Cannavale).

Joe Oramas

Contains Spoilers: Originally from Manhattan, Joe (Bobby Cannavale) has been working his father’s food truck from the lot just outside Fin’s train depot and new residence ever since his father fell ill six weeks ago. Despite disliking country living, he’s friendly, upbeat, and a nonstop talker. His current isolation is incidental and unwelcome, and he does his best to break it whenever he can. When he sees an opportunity for companionship, he takes it, and makes it his goal to strike up a friendship with Fin and Olivia.